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dapplegrey art is out of hibernation

Well, my alter-ego, dapplegrey art is back.  The 2013 craft fayre/exhibition/aching feet season is finally underway, although not without it's hitches as my first exhibition scheduled for last week was cancelled due to circumstances beyond anyone's control - otherwise known as the sodding British weather!

As attractive a thought as hibernating is, I haven't actually been sleeping under a tree surviving off my body fat reserves for four months (although I'm quite sure I could manage that with ease if the need arose); I have been fulfilling commissions - two dogs, two cats and four bumblebees ...what? I never said my life was normal ... plus I've been coming up with a couple of new pieces to exhibit this year.

Here's one of my exhibition pieces for this year.  I read once that there is no secret so precious as that between two best friends, and so inspired by that lovely statement, here are two of the bestest friends in the whole wide world ...

Best Friends
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