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Happy Post: A Day by the Seaside

Yesterday, I amd my lovely work colleages headed down to the South Coast for a day of fun and - hopefully - sunshine.  We were headed for a town called Portsmouth, which is the home of the British Navy.  There is a historic dockyard where you can visit Nelson's flagship, HMS Victory, the Tudor Warship Mary Rose which was brought up from the bottom of the Solent in 1982 after it had lain there buried in silt for nearly 450 years, and various other ships of different types and eras.

Given that there was a maritime theme to the trip, and that when we go out together, hats are always the order of the day, there was really only one appropriate form of attire ...

Lord Nelson does not look impressed!

A gorgeous sculpture of 'that iconic photo celebrating VJ Day

We found ourselves a 'real' pirate - called Stuart!

HMS Warrior - the first 'ironclad' - a wooden sailing ship with a metal coated hull and a back up steam engine.  Dated 1860

HMS Queen Elizabeth - currently in active service

HMS Victory - Lord Nelson's Flagship at the Battle of Trafalgar 1805

HMS Warrior looking out over the Spinnaker Tower

The Spinnaker - one of the most iconic landmarks on the south coast

Local pubs all decorated to celebrate D Day

And of course, I can't forget Percy the Parrot...

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