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It's been a fairly quiet couple of days here in Dizzo-land; like stir_of_echoes, Mr D and I spent yesterday evening warching the final episode of the fantastic Chernobyl series.

Most of us of a certain vintage remember the Chernobyl disaster, and the series was a perfect example of good, sympathetic, compelling high-quality storytelling that remained pretty faithful to the truth (so far as everyone knew it, given the soviet secrecy of the time!)

Also last night, (on a more cheerful note), I got into a Whatsapp conversation with a few Jus in Bello buddies, and because we are spread all over Europe, we ended up having a photo-sharing conversation about how dark it was at that point in time where we were, this was about 10.15 yesterday night.  This was the view from outside my front door at about 10.15 last night - I thought the sky was such a beautiful colour!

How does this compare with 10 pm (ish) where you are at the moment??
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