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The World according to Dizzo...

So, I've been slowly easing myself back into real life following Jus ins Bello, and not being helped at all by a dose of concrud which seems to be moving around between my nose, my throat and my ears with carefree abandon.  Today is the first day this week I haven't come home from work with a thumping earache in one or both ears, and I have a really dry cough and sore throat which comes and goes as it chooses.

I went to the docs yesterday, mostly to address the earache, and got some antibiotic eardrops, together with an anaesthetic spray for my throat.

So, yes - feeling a little better today - at least no earache, and I'm counting that as a massive WIN.  My ears still feel muffled and are inclined to pop occasionally - it feels like they never got off the plane - but things are definitely moving in the right direction!

In other news, I had a lovely fangirls get together in my hometown, London with sasha_dragon and chellexxx last weekend.  Because I'm an awesome friend - and a professional bad influence - I took them to Hamleys, the Rolls Royce of Toy Shops ... seven floors of fandom fun and fangirl regression!  As you can imagine, we were a picture of dignity and decorum in there.  I'm looking forward to catching up with them again in a few weeks at Crossroads Con.

Finally, it's been a nice week on the whole, so Mr D and I have been enjoying a few evenings sitting out in the garden after work.  (You can tell I'm not firing on all cylinders - in all those evenings, I haven't fancied one single glass of wine!)

While he was out in the garden, Mr D found a sink plunger in the back of his shed.

What's a man to do when he finds a sink plunger ...?

Why, play daleks of course!!

What?  Who said unblock the sink????
I mean, really...!
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