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Arrivederci Roma - the 2019 editon

So, it's the day after JIB again, and here I am, chilling at the hotel bar - same table, same post-con blues as previous years.

JIB has always been magical, but there was an extra layer to the magic this year - as well as being JIB's 10th anniversary, the knowledge that we are now entering show's final year gave it a distinctly bittersweet edge, I believe even our boys felt it - there was just the merest touch of melancholy in some of their panels.

But, that aside, we have all enjoyed another fabulous JIBCON, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.  It's been great to catch up with friends from near and far, and once again spend time with our gorgeous guys.

Some personal highlights for me (for which I will go into more detail in after I get home)

  • Dining with dear friends in the shadow of the Pantheon

  • Asking Adam Fergus a question in his panel

  • A close encounter in the queue for Jared's autograph whiich I will NEVER forget

  • And my Jared photo op which will forever be one of the best I have ever had  XD

And the best news is, JIB 10 WON'T BE THE LAST JIB!!!  Jensen has somehow managed to wrap Daniela, JIB organiser, round his little finger at least one more time, there were a lot of happy tears when that was announced!

So, I've missed you guys loads, and can't wait to dive back into the Lj waters with you all.   I will post pictures and updates once I'm back home with access to my scanner - I fly home tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of my weekend, with three random dudes I happened across ...

Tags: extreme prettiness, happy dizzo, jared, jensen, jus in bello, misha
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