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The first dapplegrey art day of 2019!

I worked the Lightwater Village Fete today, and it was dappegrey art's first show of the year.

I almost didn't do it; it's an outdoor show, and the weather forecast was very unsettled  Even though I have a gazebo, it's only showerproof and my stock is so vulnerable to moisture and wind, that I'm always very cautious, and considered crying off a couple of times this morning.

But eventually, although it was cloudy, this morning looked fairly dry so I decided to chance it and go ahead and set up.  Luckily, I made the correct judgment call this time, because although I thought I would be dodging showers on and off all day, I eventually dodged one shower, and spent the rest of the day standing in blistering, unbroken sunshine and now I look like I've been sunbathing under the hole in the ozone layer!!

All in all, it was a very positive start to dapplegrey art's year, and a highlight of the day was seeing these two beauties.

They're Suffolk Punches and Suffolks are one of the rarest heavy horse breeds in the world.  There are only about 300 in the whole of the UK, but the awesome news is that because of dedicated protection and breeding plans, their numbers are gradually rising - long may it continue!

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