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Happy Post: Jus in Bello ... here we go again!

I can't believe that on Tuesday, I head off to Rome for Jus in Bello convention again.  How has it been a whole year???  I'm so excited as I always am; excited to catch up with J2M again and excited to catch up with a horde of British and European buddies including amberdreams, xlittleangx, herminekurotowa, sillie82, stellamira, sinfulslasher, dean_hugs_sammy, and  heavenli24, just for starters!

I can't believe that this will be my seventh JIB - my first was 2013, and I've attended every year since then.  I have to accept the fact that there's a very real possibility this may be our last JIB, with it being the 10th anniversary JIB, as well as being the last Supernatural Hellatus.  But who knows, I could well be wrong - I'd be delighted to be proved wrong in this case!!

But, if it is the last JIB, yes it will be sad - an ending of something magical, but I will also always be thankful of the treasured memories and international friendships it has blessed me with.

So, just for jolly, here are seven wonderful memories from seven years of Jus In Bello!

My very first meeting with Jensen and Misha - and I'm a complete rabbit in headlights ...

Jared with his broken shoulder, and now I can really appreciate what a herculean effort of love for the fans this was for him!

The was the JIB where Jared's mental health issues came to light, and he had to fly home.  This was a little something I threw together after the news broke on the first morning.  (Luckily, I'd packed a sheet of cardboard in the bottom of my case to protect my artwork), and my eyeliner gave its life for this - hence the fact I look like a makeup-free  Queen of the undead!!
I tweeted this to Jared after I got home!

My first trio photo op.  I had the full weight of Jared and Jensen leaning down on me ... If Misha had stepped away, I would have collapsed backwards in a heap on the floor, probably with Jared and Jensen on top of me ...
... wait, Misha, why didn't you step away...?

One of my favourite photo ops ever!

Fun and larks with gorgeous Jared!

And finally ... for those people who ask 'why is JIB so special?' this is why.

This picture covers five years of friendship and four nations.  It's why I will always feel blessed that I have had JIB, and to a greater degree, Supernatural, in my life.

The lady at the back, second from the left, is Eva.  We lost her to cancer in the Autumn last year.  She'll be with us at JIB in spirit this year.

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