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Jensen Accidental Tummy Peekage Picspam - Part Deux

It occurred to me that it's been five years since I compiled my first collection of Jensen midriff appreciation HERE and so I decided it's high time that I brought our studies of the Ackles equatoral region up to date.

Alas, glimpses of this delightful area of outstanding natural beauty are as rare as rainbow-farting uncorns, so when a fleeting coup d'oeil does appear, it is our sworn duty to appreciate it in all it's brief and exquisite glory.

Therefore, it is my pleasure to present this picspam of ...

Jensen Accidental Tummy Peekage, part deux

Well, hello there!

It's no use hiding up there, we can see you!

We sometimes catch an accidental glimpse when Jensen's being all active and sporty, and doing something that he enjoys ... apparently REALLY enjoys!

Or sometimes when he's just sitting still ... did anyone else turn their screen sideways to try to cop a better look?
No?  Just me then ...

Sometimes we get inverted tummy peekage.

Of course, sometimes Tummy peekage brings other glorious views with it.
Aren't we lucky!

Views like this convince me that a law should be passed as soon as possible preventing Jensen from EVER tucking his shirt in.

Sometimes Jensen's tummy likes to peek over his belt to see what's going on.  We don't mind - we think it's adorable and want to squeeze it.

Sometimes tummy likes to come out while Jensen is being beaten up.  Obviously we dont condone violence, but every cloud has a silver lining, right?

Oh, he's just popping out all over here ...  not that I'm complaining.

Somtimes tummy peekage is not always accidental.
Occasionally Jensen likes to check on tummy to make sure it's still there. We heartily approve of his due dilligence

In addition to Jensen's due dilligence (is that what it's called?), we heartily approve of this.
We approve of it so much, we want to eat strawberries out of it.

Occasionally tummy peekage comes with a side order of hipbones.
aaaand there go my ovaries ...

That's a lot of effort for a very small peek of tummy!

It is hereby decreed that with immediate effect and without exception that one Jensen Ackles, actor, hottie, ovary murderer and all-round good bloke and perfect human being shall, hereinafter and forthwith, without let or hindrance be prevented from ever, under any circumstances whatsoever, and without exception, tucking in any shirt, t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie or any form of upper garment that ever should be worn, or otherwise donned on the upper portions of said Jensen Ackles, and that such prohibition be put in place for the protection of and preservation of hormonal fangirls everywhere, and that any contravention of said prohibition, deliberate or otherwise, be punishable by ...

... and this is where the fanfic writers come in.

Glad to see Jensen's being a good law-abiding citizen.

So, let's hear it for tummy in all its shy, rarely-seen glory.

Tummy, we salute you!

*waves from the floor*
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