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Happy Post: Hever Castle Fun with Friends

Today, amberdreams, xlittleangx, jj1564 and I all headed out together for a lovely day out at Hever Castle, which is less than ten minutes away from jj1564's home.  We were joined by JJ's lovely sister Brenda and for the most part, the sun even shone for us!

Hever Castle, as some of you may be aware, was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, King Henry the Eighth's most famous wife, and it's easy to imagine her life as you walk around the beautiful manicured gardens and tudor buildings.

It's May bank holiday here in the UK, and typically that means that this is the weekend we hold a lot of our spring celebrations such as morris dancing and maypole dancing which are often associated with the Merry Month of May and go way back to pre-Christian times:

jj1564 was the master of all she surveyed!

Great times, great friends!

And finally ... this pert fellow could be a fine muse for any fanfiction writers ...

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