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Happy Post: A gorgeous weekend

It's been such a delightful Easter break.

With four days off work and every single day has been glorious sunshine.  Aside from Saturday when I ventured forth to Kent and went to visit the lovely Miss jj1564, I've spent the rest of the weekend sitting in the garden with Mr D, eating too much, drinking too much and just enjoying a few days rest and relaxation that I really needed.

Although I've been relaxing, I haven't been being idle - that's not my style.  So as well as writing two drabbles, starting my spn_bigpretzel Spring Fic Exchange story and making a couple of posts the spn_on_parade Easter Eggstravaganza, I managed to complete these:

Jody - tidied up and tweaked from the original picture

Donna - finished today!

Back to work tomorrow - at least it's a short week!!
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