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Man of Action - a Sporty Jensen Picspam

We all agree that out boy has a body that is panty-droppingly, eye-wateringly perfect in every way, shape and form, and believe me, I've studied those ways, shapes and forms many times.  However, although we all agree that Jensen is definitely a big winner in life's genetic lottery, maintaining the temple that his body has become takes hard work and years of dedication (and if his legs get any more bowed, it might take some pretty heavy-duty scaffolding too.)

So, in this spam, we will explore the many and varied ways that Jensen works to maintain the temple of Ackles to the highest standards, to ensure that we fangirls continue to have a safe and rewarding experience when we worship at it. Or as safe and rewarding as incinerating your ovaries can be.

Sports-wise, Jensen started very young.

Sometimes he has a friend to exercise with.

Sometimes he prefers to exercise alone ... that's an impressive pair of balls there, Jensen!

Time and again, Jensen has demonstrated that he is an expert ball handler...

He's not bad at bull-handling, either.

Sometimes he goes swimming.  I don't know whether Jensen enjoys it or not, but the fangirls LOVE it...

Especially when it gives us an excuse to perv over Jensen's equipment.  What?  I mean his swimming shorts of course.

Jensen appreciates the importance of keeping flexible.
So do we.  Look, I'm appreciating it right now...

Oh look, Jensen's playing with his balls again.
I've suddenly developed an interest in Soccer...

Jensen likes sailing.
Here he's admiring a distant view of the straits of Gibraltar and wondering why the hell he let Misha steer the boat when they left Vancouver.

Jensen likes being on his jetski with his good buddy, lovely Jared.  There are very few people who can make a lifejacket look good.  Jensen is one of those people

Speaking of skis ...

Jensen understands the importance of keeping hydrated.  So do us fangirls - drool dehydration is a killer!

Did I mention I like soccer?

Jensen can often be found participating in less well-known sports.
Like wrestling...


Tandem riding

And championship 100-metres spaniel relay.

He's rather keen on Golf too.
Making Golf sexy is one of Jensen's more remarkable skills.

Jared and Jensen sometimes play Interpretative Golf when they are together.

Jensen's bow legs have been mentioned previously in this picspam.
Cowboys used to get bow legs through riding horses so, maybe ...

Jensen has tried all sorts of ways to straighten them...

But the bow-legs were having none of it.

But those bow-legs don't stop him from doing amazing things like ...


Riding motorbikes

And running

Jensen did a lot of runnng when he ran a Marathon

Please reflect on the fact that these men have just run 26.5 miles.
They are not sweating profusely, purple-faced, broken, puking or dead as I would be.

As well as his bow-legs, Jensen has very strong arms.  Look here, he's showing one of them off.
(Did I mention I like Soccer?)

Sometimes he uses both of them.

Poor Jensen got very muddy here - I volunteer to lick him clean.

When Jensen is not doing sports, he just likes to work out.  We heartily approve of this.

Jensen in leggings.  You're welcome!

Jensen plus towel plus bare arms equals dead Dizzo

And so there you have it.  I hope you've enjoyed this small illustration of how hard Jensen works to keep us all tittilated happy and satisfied.

DId I mention how much I like Soccer?   Just checking.

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