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Happy Post - a Little Plant's Tale

We have a lady in work, the CEO's PA, Tracy, who is - let's just be polite here - a bit of a diva.  I don't have a lot to do with her, and everyone knows what she's like, so we all just have a laugh about it.

About two years ago, I was walking past her desk, and I noticed her litter bin with a potted plant sitting in it.  Curious, I asked one of the other PA's what the plant was in the bin for, and that lady said, 'it was her birthday present from Ben this year, but Ben's upset her somehow, so she's just dumped the plant - doesn't want it any more.'

The plant looked a little bit limp - it could have done with a good watering, but otherwise there was nothing wrong with it.  So, I wasn't about to stand around and watch a perfectly healthy, nice little plant go in the garbage, so I thought 'sod her'.  I took it out of the bin, and it came home with me.

Neither Mr D or I had any clue what the little plant was, but within a year of us adopting it, it started to sprout little pea-sized green balls all over.  It spent our lovely long summer last year out in the garden soaking up lots of sunshine, and it flourished, so did the little green balls which grew and turned yellow and then orange.

So then it became obvious what our not-as-little-as-it-used-to-be plant was:

It's a veritable orange-fest!
And yes, Mr D and I couldn't resist sampling one of the oranges and they are sour AF!!  :P
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