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What a lucky Dizzo I am - Part 2

So, I owe very big and very sincere thank you's to all my amazing friends here on Lj, so without further ado ... here goes!

I had much appreciated birthday PM's from supernutjapan, disneymagics, fanspired, amypond45, madebyme_x, tyrsibs, stir_of_echoes, eternal_moonie, and emmatheslayer

I also had lovely 'squirrel love' and 'flower basket' V-gifts from the_rant_girl and addicted2moose

Then I got all these goodies to brighten up my day:

Happy Birthday Dizzo from 999alena
Age is just a number from addicted2moose
Happy Birthday Dizzo from jj1564
Happy Birthday Dizzo from jj1564's minis at spn_on_parade
Happy Birthday!!! from julchen11
Birthday wishes! from just_ruth at spn_bigpretzel
Happy Birthday Dizzo! from sasha_dragon
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! from jennytork
Happy B'Day Dizzo! from kiramaru7
It's a Birthday!!!! from whysosadbunny
Happy Birthday! from casey28
It's Your Birthday from metallidean_grl

So that was my scrumptious Lj birthday booty, I hope I captured everything, but if I did miss anything, pease let me know!!

I'll post acknowledgements of my 'real life' gifts in  few days, as I know there are a couple still in transit and on their way to me...

Oh look, MIsha's such a sweetie - he's looking for them!

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