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Happy Posts

I know we're all still reeling from this week's events, and although I was, and still remain, devastated that my gorgeous Winchester boys' days are numbered, I keep reminding mysef that in every other respect, my life is pretty much completely bloody awesome, and I should be thankful for that.

Therefore, over the course of the next year, I'm going to fill up my journal with happy posts.  They will often, but not always be J2 or Winchester related, and there won't be a set number, I'll just try for a couple every week!!

So, to kick off, it's a happy day because on Saturday Mr Dizzo and I are going here this weekend:

It's the Chesford Grange Hotel in beautiful Warwickshire -  Shakespeare country - and we're spending a long weekend there for my birthday!

We'll revisit all our old haunts, like Leamington Spa, Warwick and Stratford upon Avon.  There's a spa and a swimming pool for relaxing during the day, and a bar where I'll be relaxing in the evening with a bottle of wine and my Supernatural colouring book!

So yes, all things considered ... things aren't all bad!

And here's some tongue porn.  Just because.

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