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Happy Tree!

Mr D and I  had a new fence erected a couple of weeks ago.  The fence along the back of our garden was the original one that was built with the house fifty years ago and so it was well past its best.  The main problem with it was a big silver birch tree right next to the fence which had been a little sapling when the house was built but is now a bloody enormous tree taller than the house which over the years has caused the fence to warp and split.

So this was always going to be an issue when we replaced the fence.

At first, the fencer was all for getting rid of the tree, and we very firmly and very swiftly put him in the picture.  THE TREE'S NOT GOING ANYWHERE!

We love that tree, it's nice to look at, and it attracts birds and squirrels to the garden, so no.  Chopping down the tree is not an option.  A compromise was going to need to be found.

And so, this is our compromise...

I hope our tree appreciates this!!! :D
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