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Jensen therapy

So, I'm fed up with feeling maudlin and miserable, so tonight I decided to use my time productively instead.

Here, therefore, and rather randomly, is a small appreciation of Jensen - and V-neck Tees.

Where Jensen is concerned, V-neck tees are to be strongly encouraged at every possibility because they generally show off a little bit more flesh than ordinary tees.

Not that I'm desperate or anything ...

Hospital V-neck.  Now that's a tonic if ever I saw one!

Very low cut V-neck.  I approve!

A great way of catching a climpse of the odd chest-freckle.

V-neck often comes in a single-layer variety.  This gives us arm-freckles too!

The definitive V-neck picture

Let's hear it for the vision that is Jensen in a V neck!

Tags: extreme prettiness, fangirl down, jensen

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