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Love for New Zealand

New Zealand has been in the news a lot recently, and my heart breaks that this beautiiful country has been stained by the small-minded hatred that the rest of us have been blighted by.

So, instead of all the bad news, I wanted to bring you something positive and lovely from the Land of the Long White Cloud ...

These two beautiful young ladies are my God-daughters who live in a small town called Plimmerton, a little way north of Wellington.  They are the daughters of Janet my best friend from secondary school, who I've known since we were twelve.

Laura, on the right, brown tank top, is twenty in May.  She's at university in Wellington studying Agricultural Sciences.  Amy, on the left, white top, was sixteen yesterday, and is at senior school.  They are both competition-level dressage riders and county-level cross-country runners. Laura did a gap year last year as a riding instructor at summer camp in America.

I hate the fact that they live so far away, and we only get to see each otther occasionally, but I love that they live in such an amazing country that has offered them the wonderful opportunities they've enjoyed in their short lives. Both Mr D and I couldn't be prouder of them.

These two magnificent young women are the personification of everything that is good in this world.  They are worth fifty million of the scumbag who scarred their country last week.

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