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Windows to the Soul

Well, it's been a long-assed, but productive day at work, and then I got home and watched a bunch of shit-flinging baboons in our so-called Government voting over what cock-up they're going to make next in this Brexit abomination, and so I was really in the mood for a little light relief.

So, I ended up having a trawl through some of my old drabbles and, in the process came across this one from exactly five years ago...


An unknown observer reflects on Dean's most beguiling feature.


They can glimmer with menace; brooding with dark, unspoken fury, or burn, incandescent with molten rage.

They can twinkle with mischief, dancing alive and bright with a childlike glee that is as captivating as it is infectious.

They can express such warmth and such an overwhelming capacity for love that it hurts to look away.

But at the same time, they can radiate such intolerable pain and despair from their moss-green depths; two liquid wells of heartbreak, deep and inscrutable, reaching out for solace and receiving none.

They can threaten, tease and enchant.

And I am a willing victim.



Tags: dean, drabbles, extreme prettiness, fangirl down, supernatural

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