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Not-so-lazy Sunday!

It's been a funny old day!

This morning, Mr Dizzo and I went for a walk, my last training walk before my big Charity walk on Friday.  We did 7 miles - which is just over half of the distance I'll be walking on Friday.  Our walk took us around and into Lightwater Country Park, via some Ministry of Defence tresting tracks, so about a quarter of my walk was spent looking out for giant military vehicles, and making sure I didn't get run over!!

Not reassuring for a peaceful sunday morning walk!

I don't know what made these tracks, but I wouldn't want to meet it head on!

But it was a good walk, and I feel about as ready as I can be for Friday!  So far, I and my fellow walkers have raised £4,500 for our colleague with Leukaemia, or more specifically for the hospital where she is being treated.  They're looking to introduce a radiotherapy unit so that people suffering from this horrible illness can be treated close to home without having to travel miles to outlying hospitals for their treatment.  I know I posted this link before, but if you did want to help, here's the link to our fundraising page!

After our walk, and a quick pit stop for a bacon butty and a shower, I headed down to see miss jj1564 now she's back home safe and sound and we had a lovely afternoon of chat and cupcakes.

So, yes, it's been a not-so-lazy Sunday, but a great one nevertheless!!

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