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A Fine Role Model!

Now many of you may know that I'm rather fond of the daft little game called Cricket that we Brits love so much.   At the moment, our England team are touring in the test series in the West Indies and - unfortunately - not doing very well!

However, this post isn't about that.  as an England Cricket supporter, 'not doing very well' is in my DNA; I'm numb to it now!

Yesterday, it was reported that - as is often the case - things were getting a bit spicy on the pitch.  There was a bit of 'sledging' (or banter) and a bit of argy-bargy was going on.  That's not at all unusual, and perfectly fine - after all, a lot of energetic young guys in a high-pressure, competitive environment?  Of course, things are going to get a bit heated; that's only to be expected.

In the midst of one of these heated moments, a West Indies player, Shannon Gabriel, went nose-to-nose with our England Captain, Joe Root, and said something to him.  The stump mic didn't pick up what Shannon said, but it did pick up Joe Root's response.  Joe's words that were picked up on the stump mic were, "... don't use it as an insult; there's nothing wrong with being gay".

Being England Captain makes you a role model - whether you want that or not - and you become a focal point for the next generation.  Lots of starry-eyed kids will be watching your every move.  And with those twelve words, Joe Root has proven himself to be a role model of the highest order.

I love our daft little game just a little bit more right now!

(For the record, I choose to believe that Shannon's words, whatever they were, were poorly chosen ones spoken in the heat of the moment.  We've all been there; opened our mouth and instantly regretted it as a load of inappropriate shit came drivelling out.  Shannon has been handed a four-match ban, so he'll have plenty of time to reflect and learn from the incident, and I wish him well.)
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