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Meme-y stuff.

50 facts about me ... another meme-y thing; I couldn't resist!

1. What is your natural hair color?

It was dark brown with a hint of red (sort of auburn), but now it's salt and pepper grey.

2. Where was your ID pic taken?
My default userpic was made for me by the lovely amber1960

3. What's your middle name?

4. Your current relationship status?

5. Honestly, does your crush like you back?
Do I have a crush?  If drooling over Jensen Ackles/Dean Winchester counts then yes  i do, and the answer is no; he doesn't know I exist!

7. What's the color of your underwear?
White with blue dots.

8. What is one thing that makes you happy?

9. Who was the last person you cuddled with?
My husband.

9. Who was the last person you cuddled with?
My husband.

11. If you MUST be an animal for ONE day?
A spoiled cat

12. Ever had a near death experience?
Apparently I had whooping cough when I was ten months old and it was touch and go for a few days.

13. Something you do a lot?
Spend too much time writing fanfic.

14. What's the name of the song stuck in your head right now?
Madness by Muse

15. Who did you copy and paste this from?

16. Name someone with the same b-day as you?
Christopher Walken and Hans Christian Anderson

17. When was the last time you cried?
I cry way too easily.  Last time was watching The Green Mile a couple of weeks ago.

18. Have you ever sang in front of a large audience?
I sang in a choir when I was at school briefly

19. If you could have one super power what would it be?
I'd like tobe invisible because then I could get up to all sorts of trouble.

20. What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

21. What's your biggest secret?
If I told you it wouldn't be a secret!!!

22. What's your favorite color?
Burgundy and turquoise

23. When was the last time you lied?
It was probably so insignificant, I can't actually remember!

25. What are you eating or drinking at the moment?
Just ate a chicken baguette and drinking orange juice

26. What's your favorite smell?

27. If you could describe life in one word what would it be?

28. When was the last time you gave/received a hug?
This morning from hubby.

29. Have you ever been kissed in the rain?
Probably; with the amount of rain we get in Britain, I'd be disappointed if I hadn't

30. What are you thinking about right now?
A fanfic I'm writing

31. What should you be doing?
My accounts

32. What was the last thing that made you upset?
My work is making me frustrated a lot at the moment

33. Do you like working in the yard?
Assuming you mean gardening - nope, but I do like the results.

34. If you could have any last name in the world, what would you want?
I love my last name, I don't think I could buy a better one.

35. Name 5 things in your closet:
Skits, Blouses, Jeans, Jackets, Fleeces

36. Do you act different around your crush?
I'll tell you after I meet him.  I suspect I'll act like a dribbling imbecile.

37. When was the last time you slept with a stuffed animal?
I still do, he's a squishy tiger. 

38. How many times do you take a shower a week?
At least once a day.

39. Do you brush your teeth everyday?
Twice a day

40. Have you ever said something stupid in front of your crush?
No, but I'm a past master at saying stupid stuff in front of just about everyone!

41. Have you ever watched a hockey game?
I watched one years ago - didn't leave a very big impression, but then it was very one-sided and I'm told it wasn't a very good game.

42. Do you lie about your age?
Nope, age doesn't bother me at all.

43. Ever been jealous about something stupid?
Yes, but only when I was a kid.

44. Do you pick your nose?
I'd love to say never, but sometimes - just sometimes you just can't help yourself

45. What's the one food you hate?
Shellfish and crustaceans - ick!

46. What's the one junk food you cant live without?
Fish and chips (does that count as junk food?)

47. How old were you when you found out Santa was fake?
I think I was about eight

48. Have you ever blown your nose and looked inside the napkin?
doesn't everyone?

49. Describe your favorite underwear you have?
White cotton briefs with little strawberries on them

50. Did you lie in any of these questions?
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