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Well, that was that!

I watched the 300th episode this morning, and I wasn't disappointed.

I learned my lesson from a couple of previous episodes and made a point of putting my make up on after the episode, and I'm so glad I did!

So many good performances, Jared's kale-loving bullshit-bingo lawyer alter-ego was delightfully slap-worthy, and although the emotion was running freely throughout the episode, there were also a few lighter moments which was a welcome relief after the intensely dark episode last week.

I loved the episode, but for me, it didn't beat Fan Fiction, the 200th episode.  That said, it'll still have a special place in my heart.  Anything that celebrates another milestone for our amazing boys and our crazy and adorable little show is always something special as far as I'm concerned.

And speaking of special ... I couldn't resist a couple of screen dumps because, well, you know ... boys!

Dean doing what he does best - flirting with the poor old dear behind the counter in the post office.  If the smug git pulled that face on me, I'd give him my first born child, my entire life's savings and my left kidney!

Because no-one should cry this prettily!

And Sam's narrow escape - just like every famous business guru ... a dick of the highest order!!

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