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A week of Celebration!

This week contains a certain day of importance to us Supernatural fangirls - 24th January.

24th January is, of course, the birthday of a certain Dean Winchester:  adorable Aquarius, fearless hunter, devoted brother and heart-stoppingly gorgeous bugger!

Now, as Dean's birth year is 1979, this makes him a year younger than his real-life counterpart, Jensen Ackles.  Which therefore means that this week, our beloved Dean has reached the big 4 - 0.

Therefore, in honour of this auspicious occasion, and starting from today, I'm going to post ten of my favourite Dean pictures each day, finishing on Thursday 24th, making a total of forty wonderful pictures of our hero.

So, sit back, grab a fire-extinguisher, and enjoy the hotness ...

... and this is just the beginning ...

only thirty eight to go.

Hey look, it took me three pics before I got to the shirtless ones!

Got to throw in a bit of sleeping Dean  just for fun!

And for number five, some pretty, hurty Dean

Baby Dean!

Why can't I be that pen?

Number eight ... and we have LIPS!


Congratulations! You made it to ten :D

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