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Thank you!

So Christmas decorations are down and I finally get the chance to collect all my fandom cards in one place.
I'm so overwhelmed with all my lovely cards and their adorable messages, pictures, poems and/or cute little inserted gifts!  I hope I've included everyone's cards here, if not, let me know.

A huge thank you (in no particular order) to stellamira, andiivalo, jj1564, amberdreams, herminekurotowa, deanshot, fairyniamh, sillie82, heavenli24, sasha_dragon, meazrael_64, julchen11, xlittleangx, theymp, supernutjapan, kiramaru7, dean_hugs_sammy, jdl71 and also Wendy, Alison, Viana, Jacq, Malou, and Stephanie (not on Livejournal)

Tags: fandom friends, happy dizzo

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