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Fandom Review - 2018

2018 was a very significant year for me.  As you are all no doubt aware, and sick of hearing about, this was a milestone year for me.  I turned 50 in April, and my plan was to make this milestone year a year to remember.  I had a number of plans and special events planned, some fandom-related and some not.

Among those plans were a trip to Iceland with Mr D, where we met up with a lovely lady called Audur, a former Jus in Bello chum.  Also, I had the very special opportunity to head on over to Germany, to the lovely cities of Dusseldorf and Cologne where I got to stay with herminekurotowaand meet her wonderful family, and also to meet sinfulslasher and meazrael_64 with whom I’ve corresponded for nearly ten years, and this was our first meeting.  I cannot even put into words how special that was.

In terms of fandom, it's been a spectacular year.  I attended three Supernatural conventions, one of which was the first (and possibly only) Creation convention in the UK. Once again, I had the privilege of getting up close and personal with J2, and also my darling British Men of Letters, who seem to become more adorable every time I meet them!

In addition to my Supernatural cons, I also dropped in on Fanfest Heroes and Villains in London over the summer, and then a trip to Paris with another JIB friend to a fabulous Spartacus convention in October.

One goal I did set myself was to write more fanfiction words than last year’s total of 26,611.  I’m delighted to report that I managed 30,250, so – mission comfortably accomplished.

So, without further ado, here are the fics that made up those words:


Tongue Tied – written just because I felt like t!
A Love Letter to the Winchesters – written for the ‘Letters to the Winchesters’ meme
Nocturne – a birthday fic for vansgroi
Flower Power – written for the Spring Fic Exchange at spn_bigpretzel.  Written for kattrip033 with art by milly_gal
Poets Day – a birthday fic for my good buddy meazrael_64
Team Free Ill – written just because I felt like it!
Dreams to Reality – written for DLWinchester in the spn_summergen challenge
Slime after Slime – written for the spn_bigpretzel Hallowe’en Comment Fic Challenge
Dance Macabre - written for the spn_bigpretzel Hallowe’en Comment Fic Challenge
Brother Knows Best – written for the spn_bigpretzel Holiday Gift-a-Thon from a prompt by jdl71


I did manage to write 62 drabbles for the two drabble challenges that I take part in.  I'm not going to list them all, but you can find them all HERE.

Arty Farty Stuff


Happy Birthday Milly
The Curse of Frigging Velcro written for amberdreams in quicky_bang
Happy Birthday Dean Winchester
Happy Birthday Sillie82
Valentines Smooches for my F/listies
Banner for Valentines Drabble Challenge at spn_bigpretzel
Happy Birthday Be_my_precious
Banner for Spring Fic Exchange at spn_bigpretzel
The Cat Who Talked Back artwork, story by just_ruth in Spring Fic Exchange at spn_bigpretzel
Happy Easter
Happy Birthday Meus_Venator
Sucks to be You
Happy Birthday Casey28
Happy Birthday Sam Winchester
Happy Birthday Amberdreams
Happy Birthday Julchen11
Happy Birthday Raloria
Banner for the Teeny-Weeny Birthday Bang on spn_on_parade
Happy 4th of July
Happy Birthday Digitalwave
Happy Supernatural Day
Happy Birthday Wings
Happy Birthday Paperbackwriter
Proud of our Milly
Happy Birthday Stir
Happy Birthday Herminekurotowa
Happy Birthday Blackrabbit42
Banner for Hallowe'en Comment Fic Challenge at spn_bigpretzel
Beyond the Shore for lyryk in spn_reversebang
Happy Thanksgiving
So Beautiful when he Sleeps for malmuses in spn_reversebang
Christmas Banner
Banner for The Grand Holiday Gift-a-Thon at spn_bigpretzel
Happy Holidays

Traditional Art


Sam and Dean
Crowley mk I
Crowley mk II


Tiberius Crassus
The Egyptian


The Eleventh Doctor
Rainbow Dash


I was busy spamming the heck out of our lovely Jensen and his partners in crime this year, so you can find all my Jensen picspams HERE


I went to four conventions this year, three Supernatural conventions - Creaation, JIB and Crossroads, and also a Spartacus convention in Paris.  Here's where you can find all the pictures, reviews and squee!


Convention Prep
Flyby from SPNUK
Convention Review No. 1 - SPNUK
Helloooo - *waves*
Convention Review No. 2 - Jus in Bello
100 Days of Happiness - Day 55
... and I'm Done
Convention Review No. 3 - Crossroads


I'm Back, sort of ...
A Weekend in Paris

Other Stuff

As a tribute to my amazing fandom life and friends, I decided to treat myself to a very special gift for my fiftieth birthday this year!

The DEW Challenge at spn_bigpretzel continued throughout the year and remains as popular as ever.  Alongside that, the community ran several fun events including a Valentines Team Drabble Challenge, it's flagship Spring Fic Exchange, a Hallowe'en Comment Fic Challenge, and a Holiday Gift-a-Thon.

The Mini Mayhem carries on over at spn_on_parade where our resident population of minis continue to perform for over 120 members.  We celebrated our fourth birthday with a mini bang in July and have just finished running a Twelve Days of Christmas event.  Huge thanks to my lovely co-mods jj1564 and milly_gal together with all our members who have kept our little corner of crazy rockin' and rollin' for another year

I was thrilled to be able to take part once again in spn_summergen as an author, and spn_reversebang as an artist for two brilliant authors.  I also took part in quicky_bang and several challenges at spn_on_parade.

And finally, I continued running the weekly Drabble challenge alongside the lovely vansgroi over on Fanfiction.net.

So, that was 2018, it's been a hell of a ride ... here's to 2019!!!
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