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Snowflake Challenge - Day 5


Day 5 - In your own space, promote three communities, challenges, blogs, pages, Twitters, Tumblrs or platforms and explain why you love them


This is an anonymous, prompt-based fanworks exchange challenge which runs every summer on Livejournal, and always attracts a huge number of participants.  There are a lot of challenges within the Supernatural fandom which focus on slash fiction and art and produce some great works.  These represent probably the majority of fanworks within the fandom.  Summergen, however, is different because it focusses solely on gen fiction and art.  Every year it produces a truly amazing array of gen fanworks; hurt/comfort, crack, angst, drama ... it runs the whole gamut of fan creativity and the standard of work it produces really is top drawer.  I've taken part for the last five years as an author, and it's always been a fandom highlight of my Summer.

Snowflake Challenge

There's no need to introduce this challenge here, but I genuinely do enjoy it; it's such a positive way to start the new year.  I always meet one or two new online friends through this challenge, and every year, it almost feels like pressing a reset button; an annual reinforcement of why I Iove fandom, and why I feel so lucky to have found it.


Please forgive my indulgence because this is a community on Livejournal that I co-mod and that is very dear to my heart.

The Parade started out of very simple beginnings: three ladies, a lot of Pop Funko dolls and a healthy disregard for social norms.

In 2014, I and a couple of friends had been making little comic strips with our Funkos (otherwise known as 'minis') just to amuse each other, and we decided to start up an online community where we could keep our works in one place.  Plus we thought if we could make a couple of people smile along the way, then everyone's a winner!  

Since then, the community has gained over 120 members who watch, and often join in the madness at this little bucket o' crazy.  With regular features such as Guess the Episode, Cooking with Crowley and a Caption Competition, the mini madness just keeps rolling on, making the Parade one of the cutest and friendliest corners of LiveJournal.

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