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Snowflake Challenge - Day 1

Day 1

In your own space, talk about your Happy Place—the things that give you joy, calms you or keeps you sane. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

My happiest happy place is at conventions, or meeting up with my fandom friends.  These are the times and places where I feel like I am surrounded by people who 'get' me, and I don't ever feel like I have to put up any shutters or pretence.  I feel like I can truly be 'me'.

Also, there is a nice coffee shop in the village where I live, which turns into a wine bar on Friday evenings.  This is where Mr Dizzo and I go after work on Fridays to reconnect, and chill out over a glass of wine and some delicious antipasti.  It's our ritual to mark the end of our working week.  It's where we go to just be together and chat; no TV, no laptops, no phones … just us.

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