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Well, that was 2018 ... a New Year Jensen Picspam

So here we are, 31st December, the end of the year.

It's been an eventful year both globally, and for many of us, on an individual level.  I'm so glad to have been able to share my year wiith you all, and to have had the privilege of sharing yours.

Of course, we also had the privilege of sharing the year wth someone else.  Or three other people to be precise.  And so, here, as my final post of 2018, is the story of an amazing year told through the medium of Jensen (with sterling assistance from Jared and Misha).

Before we proceed to the pretty, all that remains is for me to wish all my love and best wishes to you and yours for the new year.  To all you beautiful and creative peeps that bless my F/list, tomorrow is the first page of a 365-page book; I wish you a bestseller in 2019!

So, 2018 has seen Supernatural hit its 14th season, and the filming of our 300th episode.  It's seen our boys on chat shows, magazine covers and at all sorts of events,  It's seen them running marathons, running beer companies and making public information films.  In between all that, they seem to have been more active on social media this year than ever before.

It's no wonder Jensen needs to get ready for bed, and get a bit of rest!

Earlier in the year Jensen had a big birthday, (not that you'd know it, the perfect sod), and he celebrated by appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel show.  Of course, he looks every day of twenty eight forty, doesn't he?

... and the fandom imploded ...
Rumours that Jimmel Kimmel has grown ovaries since that day are as yet unconfirmed.

Shortly afterward, we were treated to the CW upfronts.  Our boys look beautiful; it was fancy dress and they went as the Guatemalan flag.

Either that, or Jensen went as a serial fangirl-killer.

Later, Jensen was seen at the Paley fest.
There, you never knew a grandad cardigan could be sexy, did you?
See, here at the Dizzojay journal, we're educational.

It looks like the CW is cutting costs - they've traded Misha in for a faithful, brown-coated companion.
Oh, wait ...

When he's not wowing the crowds at events and fuctions, Jensen can often be found working hard at the Family Business Beer Company.
I knew when I first saw this picture... I'm so going to Hell.

The picture that writes a thousand fanfics.

Why do the guys sitting at the bar in my local never look like this?

Summer saw Jensen and the boys at San Diego Comic Con
Jensen can't believe someone laughed at his shirt ...

He's very protective of that shirt.

Team Free Will 2.0 are in awe of it.

Also in the Summer, Jensen made a public information film to tell Texans not to text and drive.

It was a very noble thing to do.
Is now the wrong time to say I'm envious of that steering wheel?

To continue a busy summer, the guys threw a party to celebrate the filming of the 300th episode.
*Spoilers* The episode in which Dean finally succumbs and finally copies Sam's hairstyle.

It was Jensen's turn to wear the bow-tie.

And the one who wears the bow-tie gets to be a sex-on-legs rock-god for the night.

While all this was going on, those Hillywood Girls were busy making another fantastic Supernatural parody, and of course our boys were top of the bill.

Cue the obligatory slow-mo running scene, where we won't comment on the fact that they've had to put Jared at the back because otherwise he'd have sprinted face-first into the wall before anyone else had even emerged from the smoke.

And no sooner had Jensen finished being a Ghostbuster for Hillywood, then he was appearing on the Kelly and Ryan show because apparently they wanted to kill their entire female viewership.

At the same time, TV guide Magazine was releasing its Season 14 celebration issues.  It featured two covers, the RPF - Jared, Jensen and Misha being lovable dorks...

And the Spn version -  Sam, Dean and Castiel looking all angsty and gorgeous because the Universe has gone to shit.

Before we knew where we were, Hallowe'en was upon us, and Jensen dressed appropriately for the occasion.

He's wearing that silly mask, but that's okay because for once I'm not looking at his face...

Because the year hadn't already been busy enough for our lovely boys, on top if everything else, Jensen and the guys were in training to run a marathon.  Yes, a marathon.

This was a good thing, because apart from being an amazing thing to do for a very good cause, it also gave us images like ...

Jensen in an ice bath.

... and sweaty, in-training Jensen.

J2 ran the entire race together, and the fandom suffered every step of the way along with them.

Now, here Misha demonstrates what a normal person looks like when finishing a marathon.
Note the agonsied grimace, sweating face, leg muscles tied in knots, general posture of someone who wants to die...

This is Jensen after finishing the marathon.
This man has just run 26.2 miles.  I'll just stand by and let that sink in for a moment ...

In the meantime, Jensen was popping up here there and everywhere on social media, generously sharing his life with us.  He let us see inside his beautiful house...

Look how beautiful Jensen's house is.

And he let us see his wonderful tattoo after he'd had some more work done on it.

And he let us see ... oh, um.  Right, yes ... move along now - nothing to see here!

In fact, the only thing that would have made a fine year even more perfect, would have been a sighting, even just the merest glimpse, of bare skin, or even - dare I say it - a perky nipple.

Luckily, we have dearest Misha to step up to the plate for us.

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