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December Meme - Days 30 and 31

30th December - a list of what you got for your winter holiday

I was a very lucky Dizzo this year, and got lots of lovely gifts for Christmas.  Aside from much-appreciated money from my Mum and Dad, which will be paying for my flight to Rome, and from Mr D's Mum which paid for me to get my nails done and a little left over to treat myself to a facial in he new year, I also got Amazon vouchers from our nephew, Sam, so now have the delighful puzzle of working out what I'm going to spend them on!

Other than that, I got:

A selection of viewing delight from Mr D!

My gorgeous colouring book from jj1564

Two great journals, one from a convention buddy, Viv, and one from a work colleague! ( I wonder if the work colleague is trying to tell me something?)

A 3D jigsaw from another of my work colleagues

A fab Crowley tank top from amberdreams

The closest I'm ever going to get to a Hogwarts letter - a lovely pencil case (very handy) and some gorgeous HP coasters from sasha_dragon (FYI, Mr D has already commandeered the Slytherin one).

A cool Spn sports/travel bottle from Mr D

And unfortunately, Mr D also ordered a little Funko Gym Coach Dean for me, however, the little bugger has steadfastly refused to turn up.  Methinks he may be delayed chatting up some nice lady Postmistress at the sorting office!  So we need to do some investigation on that!

Other than that, I got lots of lovely smellies, together with a generous selection of wine and chocolates, which I can't share pictures of, on account of the fact it's all been consumed!

So I need to pass on huge thanks to everyone, I love all my gifts - like I said I'm a very lucky Dizzo!

31st December - Best moment of the month

There have been a couple of highlights this month;

Meeting up with my gorgeous Hunter girls (and boys) on the 8th December for our annual Christmas shindig
A Fantastic Madness concert the week before Christmas
Going over to see my Mum and Dad a couple of days before Christmas
And last, but definitely not least, a great Christmas party in London which was the commencement of ten days off for me.  Ten days at home (many of them with Mr D), with no plans, just relaxing, watching TV, and recharging ourrselves.  I think we both really needed that!!
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