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December Meme - Days 23 - 25

December 23rd - Travel you did this year

As most of you are aware, I did a lot of travelling this year.  It was all wonderful and I've written about it ad nauseum here at my journal, so I won't bore you with a complete travelogue!  But a summary of my overseas travels this year are:

Rome - for Jus in Bello
Iceland - a week's holiday with Mr D
Paris - for Spartacus convention
Dusseldorf - to catch up with herminekurotowa and meazrael_64
Cologne - to catch up with sinfulslasher

December 24th - Something that caught your interest this year

The only thing that comes to mind was the World Cup.

Aithough I generally have absolutely no interest in Football, it was nice to see England do well, and play well for a change.  It was also nice to see Iceland do well in their first ever World Cup final, and to see all the excitement and camaraderie that it engendered within the  community when I visited Iceland only a couple of days after they went out of the tournament.

December 25th - a photo of you and your family

I don't know what it says about me but on my computer and on my social media, I can find about four thousand pictures of me with my friends -  my chosen 'family'.

And I can find about four pictures of me with my actual family!

Anyway, this is a nice picture from about ten years ago at a family party.  This is me with all the first cousins on my Mum's side.
We are: L - R
Paul, Yvonne, Marie, Wayne, yours truly, Sharon and Stacey

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