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December meme - Day 21 and 22

21st December - My favourite Websites this year

I haven't really discovered any new websites this year, so my favourite - or most often used - websites are the same ones that I've frequented since, well, forever really!

They include:

www.dapplegreyart.co.uk - my art website - had to get that one in there, didn't I?
www.fanfiction.net - for hosting my fanfiction
www.archiveofourown.org - also for hosting my fanfiction
www.thesaurus.com - invaluable assistance for writing fanfiction
www.amazon.co.uk - for draining my bank account
www.picmonkey.com - for photomanipulation
www.deviantart.com - for hosting my fandom artwork
www.etsy.com - for shopping and for maintaining my fanfiction art online store
www.livejournal.com - of course!
www.facebook.com - for doing Facebook stuff (and trawling a couple of closed groups which are excellent repositories for Jensen scrumptiousness)
www.youtube.com - for disappearing down a pit of randomness for hours on end
www.plus.google.com/communities - another excellent source of Jensen prettiness

22nd December - New items I've added to collections this year

The only real 'collection' that I have is my little Funko Pop brood.  When I first took in mini Sam and Dean back in 2012, my plan was to gather a mini Team Free Will and leave it at that.

Six years later, and after the introduction of spn_on_parade, a community for Mini fun and adventures, my little Funkos and their friends number almost thirty (mostly Supernatural characters, but with a couple of interlopers thrown into the mix, eg: Sheldon, Tenth Doctor, Captain Jack Harkness, Tardis and Baby Groot)

So, as my memory serves me, here are the minis who have joined my little gang over the last year or so.

I understand from Mr D that there is a certain other little plastic person who was due to join the gang at Christmas, but he's still in transit somewhere, so he might end up being my first 2019 acquisition!

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