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Hello! *waves*

So that was that.

Christmas is all over again for another year, and it's been a lovely few days break from work for both of us.

Mr D got Christmas Eve off, which gave us a good few days off together.  It's his first Christmas at his new job and he's already had more time given to him at Christmas than he ever did in nine years at his old place.

We went to see my Mum and Dad on Saturday, then Mr D's family on Christmas Eve, and yesterday was a nice day chilling out, just the two of us.

I've been a very lucky Dizzo with lots of wonderful gifts and cards.  I think (hope), I've thanked everyone who needs thanking for gifts, and for cards I'm going to do a proper thank you post in the new year once I've taken them all down, and I can see exactly who I got them all from!

Today, we're having another chillout day, although we did walk down into Windlesham for their annual pram race this morning, so that was a nice excuse to get some fresh air, and a bit of sorely-needed exercise!   I saw a post on Facebook this morning saying that there are 365 days to next Christmas.  After what we've eaten and imbibed over these last few days,I think I have 365 pounds to lose before next Christmas!

I've been keeping up with everyone's posts, and I hope that you've all found some relaxation and happiness over the holiday season!

Love and hugs!!
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