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December Meme - Day 13 and 14

13th December - Talk about hobbies this year

I have had the good fortune to be able to spend a good part of the year indulging in my various hobbies.

  • I've been to a number of conventions - three Supernatural conventions, one Spartacus convention and Heroes and Vilains in London.  Catchng u with freinds at these events are always a highlight of my year.

  • I've done an insane amount of artwork, and sold a few pictures throughout the year.  It's always good to see my pictures going to good homes.

  • I've achieved my goal of writing more fanfiction words this year than I managed last year.  Hopefully, there's time for a good few more in the year!

14th December - Something that made you proud this year

Mr D made me proud this year.  Having the courage to walk away from a job and a Manager that was sucking the life out of him, and making every day miserable, then securing another, totally different job, where he's making his mark in a truly positive way.  He now has a Manager who rightfully thinks he's the best thing on Earth, and he really does look forward to going to work every morning.

So yes, I'm very proud!
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