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One Step Beyond ...

Yesterday was our long-awaited trip to see Madness in concert.

I was really looking forward to it as they're a band I really love - right up there with Queen, and they didn't disappoint.  They've been in the business for forty years, and last night they proved that they are absolute legends.

I came away from the evening with aching feet, aching legs, no voice, ringing ears and despite all that, feeling twenty years younger.  They were - in a word BRILLIANT!

They're a group of London lads whose musical roots are based in Ska, and they've never pretended to be anything other than a group of London lads having a good time together and making great music.

They opened with their first big hit, One Step Beyond, and closed with another huge hit, Night Boat to Cairo.  In between they ran the ful gamut of their biggest hits, Baggy Trousers, House of Fun, Driving my Car, Our House, The Prince, It Must be Love, Wings of a Dove and Embarrassment.

They even played one of my favourites of their songs, Lovestruck.  (Who couldn't love a song about a bloke getting hammered and falling in love with a lamppost!! :'D )

There was a definite demographic of the crowd, probably 95% of us were between 45 and 65 based on what I saw, and every single one of them were bopping themselves back to their teenage years with abandon.

I took a few pics and videos of the night, so, because I need an excuse to relive the night, here they are:

Getting ready to board the Night Boat to Cairo

And some videos
I apologise in advance for my hideous singing/shouting which you can hear on some of these, and the dire camerawork is due to me trying to multitask - dancing and filming at the ssame time isn't easy :D


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