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Christmas Countdown ...

Okay, so I said I'm going to post a Christmas story every day until Christmas, and then I promptly went and forgot to schedule one for yesterday!!  Duh ...

So to get things moving again, here's today's little slice of lunacy ...

Genre: Humour
Rating: K+
Word Count: 300
Characters: Sam and Dean,
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don't own them

Dean rolled the impala to a halt in front of the bunker, and hopped out of the driver's door. His giddy, pre-Christmas excitement was plain to see.

"C'mon Sam," he coaxed, yanking open the passenger door; "shake a leg and help me unload all this stuff; I wanna start our Christmas celebrations before midnight!"

"Yeah, okay Dean," Sam responded hesitantly, stepping out of the car; "I've got the beer here and the chips, but I can't help thinking we've forgotten something."

"Ah, quit worrying," Dean grinned, peering around the Impala's open trunk as he rummaged within; "we haven't forgotten anything. I've arranged this supply run with military precision."

He began unloading the packed trunk, calling out each item as he went. "Turkey, potatoes, cranberry jelly, eggnog, pie, more pie, cakes, cookies, wine, cola, TV guide, paper napkins, carrots, that green shit you wanted, bread, cheese and toilet rolls."

Sam checked through the accumulating sprawl of bags, his brow furrowing in concern as Dean continued unloading an impressive collection of gifts from the Impala's seemingly bottomless trunk.

"Dean, honestly, I'm convinced we've forgotten something."

Dean dumped a plastic bag full of wrapping paper and Christmas cards on the ground at Sam's feet with a long sigh.

"Heck Sam, look at this lot," he gestured expansively across the mass of purchases which covered the ground around them; "how can we have possibly forgotten anything? I've even remembered to get indigestion tablets!"

Sam scratched his head absently; "I don't know, I just got this feeling …"

"Well, keep your friggin' feelings to yourself Samantha. Help me get all this inside, then we'll get the Christmas tree; it's on the back seat with …"

They both peered through the rear window onto the impala's back seat.

"…CAS! Oh, crap … we left him back at the mall!"



Tags: christmas, dean winchester, fan fiction, humour, sam winchester, supernatural

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