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December meme - Day 12

December 12th - talk about this year in medical news

Medically, there was only one big event in my life this year, and that happened on the 3rd of June:

Many of you will be acquainted with the well-documented saga of my broken left shoulder, but in case any of you were on the moon back in June and missed it, it was a zorbing accident - yes, you read that right - and was caused by my fellow zorb-rider, Dave, tumbling over on top of me inside the zorb.

Poor Dave, a long-time friend of mine, was devastated - even though it was in no way his fault, and just now has finally got to the point where he can joke about it!

The fracture was a fracture of the humeral head in my left shoulder, and thankfully didn't need surgery, so I was able to start physiotherapy about three weeks after the accident.

In the grand scheme of things it wasn't a major disaster, not when other people have far more serious crap to deal with.  It was more inconvenient than painful, but for a few weeks I did have some highly colourful mementoes to celebrate the occasion!

I discharged myself from physiotherapy on the 10th December, just over 6 months after the accident as I decided I had gone as far as I needed to with it.   My shoulder will never be as it was before, but thanks to the physio's sterling work, I have about an 80% range of movement, which I'm sure I can increase by keeping up with the exercises and just using the arm through the course of my daily life, and most importantly, the shoulder doesnt hurt unless I jolt or or over-stress it.

It looks like I'll never be able to bend my left arm behind my back again, however, so it looks like zip-up-the-back dresses are a no-no for me in future!

But all in all, everything shoulder-wise is pretty good, and about where I would want it to be right now :)

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