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December Meme - Day 7 and 8

December 7th - Talk about Music this Year

I'm not a huge music afficianado, and I don't have an atom of musical talent in my body, so it's difficult to talk in any personal terms about music.  However, I have had/will have a couple of musical highlights this year.

I have had the absolute privilege of seeing Jensen sing twice this year, at UK Creation con, and at the post-JIB concert.  Along with Jason Manns and the lovely Rob Benedict it's always a delight to watch!

The movie, Bohemian Rhapsody was a huge highlight for me, and I don't need any excuse to indulge in a bit of shameless Queen/Freddie appreciation.

Something I am doing this year, which is a part of my big birthday' celebrations, is something I've never done before, and have always wanted to do.  I'm going to a Madness concert in two weeks!

Madness, for those who may not know them, were huge in the 80's.  They are a group of London Guys, and their music is based in Ska.  They're great, down-to-earth blokes, even now, and their music was the soundtrack of my teenage years.  I'd always wanted to go to one of their shows, and I'd never got around to it - until now!

Here's a video of Madness singing one of their biggest and most iconic hits from back in the early 80's - 'Baggy Trousers'

December 8th - Talk about Games this Year

The only 'game' I've been to this year was a cricket match, Surrey v Somerset one evening in July.  The venue was The Oval cricket ground in Kennington, only a mile or so from my place of birth!

It was a rainy evening - the first for about four weeks (bloody typical), and the game was shortened due to the weather.  But once play started, it was a beautiful balmy summer evening and the atmosphere was typically cricket ... good natured,  amicably competitive and drunkenly entertaining.

And Surrey won!!! :D

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