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December Meme - Day 5 and 6

I missed a day yesterday, so I'm going to do two days today ...

December 5th - talk about books this year

I'm deeply ashamed to say that I haven't read one new book this year.
Having said that, I have read a couple of old favourites, and they are:

Notes from a Small Island by Bill Bryson and
Innocent Traitor by Alson Weir

Bill Bryson could write a shopping list and I would love it.  He's witty and intensely personable, and an unashamed anglophile.  Seeing him write about my home nation with such fondness and such whimsy is like seeing it for the first time through a fresh pair of eyes.

Innocent Traitor is a novel based around the tragic story of Lady Jane Grey.
This is a story that's so full of intrigue and tragedy that it could only be true.  I love history, and have a particular interest in Tudor History, and the exploitation of poor little Jane Grey was a study in the very worst aspects of human nature.

December 6th - Talk about food this year

This is a really tough one.  I'm not a foodie and as such, I'm not a particularly adventurous eater.  However, during our trip to Iceland earlier in the year, we went to a very nice little harbourfront restaurant called Sjavabarrinn and had the best fish (haddock) dish I have ever eaten in my life!!

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