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December Meme - Day 4

December 4th - Talk about Television this year.

This may sound odd, considering I'm a crazy Supernatural nut, but I really don't watch a lot of TV.

As always, the highlight of my TV year was and always will be the fact that Supernatural has been renewed, and I get to enjoy another series.  The current series normally airs on E4 here in the UK starting about January, but I can't wait that long.  I generally record it on Sky Plus to help the ratings, but I always watch it real time ... I have ways and means!

I'm also thrilled that we have a lady Doctor Who, and I will definitely be catching up with the latest series - although I haven't got my act together to do that yet ... it's on my to do list!

I'm really, REALLY, excited for the remake of Watership Down which is airing on BBC1 here on 22nd and 23rd December.   The list of vocal talents involved reads like a 'Who's Who' of British acting and, well, it's Watership Down!  Don't expect much from me on those days :D

Finally, there's also a new David Attenborough series, Dynasties, airing at the moment, and although I haven't been watching it on TV, the DVD is on my Christmas list.  I love me a few hours with the man himself - a national treasure in every true sense of the phrase!
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