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December Meme - Day 2

2nd December - Holiday Wish List

This is going to be teriffically dull!

I have no expectations for Christmas, I've managed to use my last two days' annual leave to snag a nice extended break, and so between 22nd December and 2nd January, I only have to work one day.  I just want a nice quiet, relaxing break.

I hope Mr D manages to snag a day or two off to extend his Christmas break as well.  After nine years at the hospital where he never once got any time off over Christmas beyond the basic public holidays, (because as his (female) colleagues advised him regularly, he was a bloke, and didn't have any children, therefore, under those circumstances, any decent man would let the Mums book Christmas off), he deserves a nice bit of down time.

I hope the sun shines on Boxing Day when we go to watch the Windlesham pram race, both for the benefit of the competitors and for us spectators!

I hope everyone likes the gifts I've bought for them.

I have no idea what I want for Christmas - I'm a total dead loss in that respect.

... errr, and that's probably about it!
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