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Reversebang Art Masterpost: So Beautiful When He Sleeps

Art Masterpost for spn_reversebang
Art Title: So Beautiful When He Sleeps
Fic Link:
Prompt Number: S2020
Artist: dizzojay

Fic Title: So Beautiful When He Sleeps
Author: malmuses

This has been a great reversebang collaboration, thank you malmuses for being an awesome Reversebang partner.  Please go and read the fabulous fic that goes with this art, it's wonderful!!

Original prompt:

I wanted to maintain the rather subdued and muted monochrome theme with all of the artwork to maintain the feeling of calm and tranquility, with just a hint of blue throughout all the works to highlight Castiel's watchful eyes...

Title Banner:

Additional Art:

malmusesused some beautiful language throughout the story, so I decided to showcase some of it in the additional illustrations.  I repurposed the original artwork for this.

Text Divider:

Tags: castiel, dean, fan art, fan fiction, reversebang

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