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Further proof - if it was needed - that Jensen is not human ...

So, I've been living the Seattle Marathon vicariously all afternoon, and I'm delighted that our boys (and girls) have all finished in very respectable times between four and a half and five hours, and appear to be relatively unharmed - although Misha looked rather fragile when he crossed the line.

This is Jensen at the 18.5 mile mark.

I'll allow that to sink in for a while ...

How the hell does anyone look that good after running nearly 19 miles???
I've only got to run four hundred yards, and I look like boiled roadkill.

But our guys did their cause proud.    $110,000 raised through donations (so far), $26,200 from the sponsor and a further $100,000 from the team themselves.

That's almost quarter of a million dollars for Random Acts - what a fantastic effort!

And J2 gave us our 'bro' moment when they clasped hands as they crossed the line.

Well done guys, time to rest - hope the legs aren't too sore, and those perky nipples aren't too chafed!!!

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