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100 Days of Happiness - The End!

So, this is it.  Day 100 - the final day of my 100 Days of Happiness Meme, and so I need to post about something that makes me really, really happy.

And that's you guys!

My fandom friends have become such an important part of my life.  Those of you that I've had the privilege of getting to know in real life, and those of you for whom I haven't yet had that pleasure - your online presence is still a joy to me.

Getting to know you guys through our amazing show, and our beautiful boys overe the last eight years has been one of the great positives of my life, and will always remain so.  I've enjoyed so many joyful moments with you all, and below I just want to share a few of those special moments to mark the end of this 100 day odyssey.

Apologies if you've seen a lot of these pictures before, but a lot of them go back a few years, and so deserve another airing! :)

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