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100 Days of Happiness - Day 99

I wasn't around last night because Mr D and I were at the local cinema watching Bohemian Rhapsody.

Most of you know that I'm a HUGE Queen fan, and Freddie Mercury has been a hero of mine ever since my teenage years, so I've been counting down the days to see this film ever snce it was first announced - and I wasn't disappointed!

Rami Malik's portrayal of Freddie was beautiful - spot-on and sympathetic.  If that man doesn't win an Oscar for this, then there's no justice in this world.

But taking nothing away, the other members of Queen were potrayed brilliantly; Roger, the 'other' Diva; Brian, the coolly intellectual brains of the group; and John, the quiet man, the peacemaker and voice of reason.  I couldn't fault any of the four main actors, they brought their characters to life amazingly well.

And the music ... well, that speaks for itself.

Of course, I was bawling when I left the cinema.  Funnily enough, it was when Freddie played the opening bars to 'We are the Champions' at Live Aid that started me off.  But it was good bawling; it came from a place of love!!

So, yes ... a great movie, a great, nostaligic evening, and fantastic music.  And a reminder of how much I miss Freddie.

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