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100 Days of Happiness - Day 98

Mr Dizzo and I had a great evening on Saturday; our long-awaited trip to see Macbeth at the Royal Shakespeare Company in London.

Christopher Ecclestone made a wonderfully sinister and tyrannical Macbeth, and his descent from 'ordinary, decent soldier' to 'power-crazed psychopath' was chilling.  The whole production was dark, dystopian and brilliant.

And the witches... oh, ye Gods.  I'm saying no more because I know someone from my f/list is going to see this production, but ... nightmare fuel!! :D

All in all a thoroughly enjoyable night!

After the show, as we'd been sitting for a couple of hours in a stuffy theatre, we decided to stretch our legs, get a bit of fresh air, and walk back to Waterloo station from the Barbican.  Our route took us right past St Paul's Cathedral which looked stunning all lit up.:

From there we walked along the embankment, where we saw one of the dragons that marks the boundary of the City of London.

(The 'City of London' is a part of London that is the historic centre of London, and is now the main business centre.  It's the part of London that was first founded when the area was settled by the Romans, and that remained settled into the middle ages before London began to grow and spread.)

Walking over Waterloo Bridge, London is beautiful at night.

Finally, we walked past the Millenium wheel which, as it was remembance weekend, had been turned into a giant poppy fo rthe occasion:

Every time I walk along the Thames, even on a drizzly November night, I fall in love with London all over again!

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