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Drabble - Treasure Hunter

Written for the Fanfiction.net weekend drabble challenge - the challenge word was 'puff'.

Genre: Humour
Rating: K+
Characters: Sam and Dean
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Word Count: 200
Disclaimer: I don't own them

Summary: The boys' latest hunt yield an unexpected bonus … maybe.
Remember Puff the Magic Dragon? This isn't it!


Dean stared into the shadowy mouth of the cave, gaping in awe at the sight that his flashlight illuminated.

Beyond the monstrous, steaming carcass of the dragon they'd just managed to bring down, lay piles and piles of glittering treasure. They stood, staring in mute disbelief at countless jewels, pearls and gold doubloons; acres and acres of gleaming wealth far beyond anything they could even imagine.

Dean whimpered pitifully and resisted the urge to roll naked in it.

"So, now we've iced Puff," he murmured shakily; "I don't suppose it would hurt if we took a little, you know … commission?"

"I don't know Dean," Sam replied; "sometimes this sort of treasure has got all sorts of curses and bad mojo attached to …"

With complete disregard to Sam's words, Dean had already charged headlong into the cave with a whoop of triumph, bounding manically through the ankle-deep carpet of precious trinkets. Already sporting three gold coronets on his head, and a long chain of pearls around his neck, he was far too busy filling every pocket he possessed with fistfuls of anything shiny, to listen to anything Sam had to say.

"Oh well, I guess we'll find out soon enough," Sam sighed.



Tags: dean winchester, drabbles, dragon, fan fiction, humour, sam winchester, supernatural

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