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100 Days of Happiness - Day 96

I've just come back from a lovely couple of days in Brighton with my work chums.  For those of you who are not familiar with the UK, Brighton is a south coast resort, and is our LGBT 'capital', and one thing Brighton really knows how to do is party!  You can't stick a pin between the pubs, bars and nightclubs, so this was never going to be a quiet (or sober) weekend!

This weekend had been in the planning for a while.  It was initially going to happen  in the middle of June, in fact it still did happen, however, that was just a week after my shoulder incident, and I was still at a stage where I was immobile, and unable to wash and dress myself without help, so the girls went ahead without me, but with my blessing. When they got back, the first thing we did was arrange another date so we could all go together.

Back in June when we first agreed our new date, we decided to each put by a couple of pounds every week, leading up to this weekend so that we'd have a nice little kitty to fund our shindig, we just had to think of where we could keep it.  Then it just so happened that same week, we saw a little cat-shaped moneybox in a local charity shop, and so he came back to the office to be the official custodian of our kitty.

A kitty within a kitty, if you like!

Over those months, between the four of us, we saved about £150 in the kitty, so a good time could be had by all - and it was!

Therefore, cats and Kitties were the theme of the weekend in honour of our little friend!

Pussycat ears were the order of the day. Kitty said so.

Kitty gets in on the photoshoots!

Lining them up

Cocktail time

Scary cocktails!!!

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