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100 Days of Happiness - Day 91

It occurred to me this morning that today marks 14 years since I was bridesmaid (or technically maid of honour) to my friend, Jane, when she got married to Michael in October 2014.

Jane was married in St George the Martyr church at the Borough, London.  It was the church where my Grandparents got married in 1942, and my Dad was christened in 1945 so it was very special to be part of a wedding in a place so significant to my family.  Jane is a very devout Christian, and she knows that I am a complete heathen, and still loves me despite it, so she made sure that 'Lord of the Dance' was one of the hymns on the order of ceremony because she knew it was about the only hymn I knew all the words to!

It was a lovely day, even though it hammered down with rain all day.  I love this picture of us both so happy and smiley on the day.  Mr D and Jane absolutely adore each other, and he was delighted to be the photographer for the day, so he's behind the camera here!

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