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Well, it's been a long-assed day!

I've been on the go for twelve hours today, travelling up to the Midlands with my Assistant to check out a new payroll bureau.

The consultant who is working on this project with us thought it would be wonderful for us to travel up to Loughborough to see them 'in their own evironment' - what is it, a bloody zoo?  It would be great for us to meet the team, and check out their processes.

The meeting in the end, lasted two hours.  Apart from the sales rep, we met one person, sat in a meeting room and looked at screenshots on a wall mounted screen.  Basically, we didn't do anything we couldn't have done at our own office.

So, we've been on the go for twelve hours, apart from a two-hour meeting and an hour spent in a Costa coffee shop before we left, the remaining nine hours was spent travelling.

Efficient use of our time ...?

Answers on a postcard please.

Anyhoo, my brain is boggled, and I'm in serious need of some prettiness to save the day.  And it just so happened ...

Tags: extreme prettiness, fangirl down, grumpy dizzo, jensen
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