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Wishing a belated Happy Birthday to TheYmp

Sorry I missed your birthday my dear friend theymp I was in transit from Paris and having my own little con crud pity party, and my muse and my memory both went AWOL ...

To make up for my tardiness, here's some Castiel and Dean fun for you.

Genre: Humour
Rating; K+
Characters: Castiel (Dean mentioned)
Word Count: 300
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Diclaimer: I don't own them

Castiel was always willing to help Dean. Without question, whatever it took, whatever it needed, Castiel would be there, ready to put his angelic grace on the line to help and support the man that had become the very centre of his universe.

Over the years he had endured the wrath of Hell’s infernal minions, sacrificed his grace, been exiled from heaven, lost his wings, been exploded into nothingness, been stabbed, imprisoned and tortured, all for the benefit of the man he called his friend; the man who called him ‘brother’.

Castiel knew Dean was brave; Dean’s courage burned like a brilliant and unextinguishable flame. He also knew Dean was strong and selfless and infuriatingly reckless when it came to his own safety. He knew that Dean based the value of his existence purely on his success in protecting others, especially those he loved. Castiel knew that Dean thought of himself as worthless, and he couldn’t have disagreed more. Dean Winchester’s worth to the world, and to Castiel, couldn’t be measured in any terms that Castiel understood. It probably couldn’t be measured at all.

Ultimately, Castiel knew that Dean Winchester was the very best of his kind; a titan.

So, Castiel tried very hard not to be judgmental on this particular occasion as he opened the bunker’s main door, and gently tossed away the bug-ugly hairy spider that had sent Dean scurrying out of his room in a blithering panic.

Spiders can be dangerous, right? As Dean had explained … well babbled, really …, people die from spider bites. Frequently, apparently. And the scummy little suckers crawl in peoples’ mouths and ears while they’re sleeping, and make spider babies inside their heads.

He pondered as he watched the creepy black interloper scuttle away into the undergrowth.

There are some foes that even Titans can’t beat…



Also written for the spn_bigpretzel Hallowe'en comment fic challenge
Tags: birthday, castiel, dean, fan fiction, fandom friends, humour, supernatural

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